Mental health service terms & condtions

In line with ZBGC’s updated policy, people advertising mental health services on our Resource Directory must be registered with a professional association.

Why this policy?

We have implemented this policy because trans and gender diverse clients are a high risk, vulnerable group, who we feel need access to counsellors who have a minimum level of training and experience.

This policy also ensures clients have some recourse with difficulties or complaints regarding practice. This is in line with anticipated future standardisation across the psychotherapy sector.

How do I get my listing approved?

In order for your listing to be approved and visible on the ZBGC resource directory, we require mental health services to verify additional information:

  • Your qualifications;
  • The experience you have had working as a counsellor/psychologist with the trans and gender diverse communities (one to two sentences); and
  • Listing of the professional associations/bodies you are a members of (e.g., The Psychology Board of Australia; Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia; Australian Counselling Association; Australian Association of Social Workers).

We are sure that you will support the need for consumers to be well informed in the choices they make and look forward to your additional information.

Thanks once again for contributing to the directory.